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The Pac-12 Network: Making Millions Tax-Free while Cutting Wages and Benefits

Over the past 15 years, camera and sound operators, and other broadcast technicians in Arizona, California, Oregon and the state of Washington have worked with their employers to establish area standard wages and benefits for the live sports broadcast industry. This has allowed these hard working taxpayers to support their families and contribute to their communities.  It has helped to create a middle class tax base that pays for schools, public safety, libraries and other essential services we all rely on.

The sports broadcast technicians have been broadcasting PAC-12 games for years.  They have maintained the highest of standards and continue to keep on top of the ever changing technical requirements of their business. Their talents and skills have allowed them to bring exciting, well produced, live sports broadcasts into viewers’ homes.

The Pac-12 Network, which began operations in the summer of 2012, is making millions of tax-free dollars while cutting wages and benefits for these hard-working camera and sound operators, and other technicians.  The PAC-12 Network has ignored the pleas of its employees to pay area standard wages and benefits negotiated by IATSE Locals 119, 600, 748 and 793.

The IATSE Locals in Arizona, California, Oregon and the state of Washington believe that The PAC-12 Network has an obligation to their communities, to the Conference schools, to the viewers and to the broadcast industry to see that all technicians employed by The PAC-12 Network are paid at the area standards.  The PAC-12 Network should not depress the wages and benefits of the community.

Please click the link to SIGN NOW and tell The PAC-12 Network you believe it’s time to play fair with broadcast technicians!