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Please show your support for the Camera and sound operators, and other broadcast technicians by contacting the PAC-12 Presidents who serve as PAC-12 Enterprises board of directors. Fill out the top part of the message with your name and email, and click the sign now link. Thank You for your support.


To the Presidents/Chancellors of the PAC-12 Network:

University Presidents/Chancellors exert a powerful influence over the academic and professional standards of their campuses and athletic programs. As members of the Board of Directors for the PAC-12 Network, we urge you to address the growing issues with PAC-12 Network.

PAC-12 Network is paying substandard wages and benefits to its camera and sound operators and other broadcast technicians. This potentially threatens the quality of game transmissions and compromises the fans’ viewing experience as well as the future relationship between your University and PAC-12 Network. These employees have been members of our communities for years, helping to create the middle class tax base that your universities depend on.

Play Fair, Pac 12 Network, and pay your workers area standard wages and benefits


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